Howdy! I’m Elizabeth and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a Christian author, blogger, and speaker who is passionate about sharing important truths in relatable ways and putting big ideas into common language.

Several years ago when my son died, my faith and reality collided and left me broken, discouraged, and doubting everything I thought I knew. Going through and growing from that painful experience have taught me many things. A burden weighs heavy on my heart to reach out to other struggling sojourners like myself and offer them encouragement, support and, most of all, hope.

From undone to undefeated!
Learn to live victoriously with unshakable faith . . . even when your world gets rocked.

Hiding hurt never brings healing, so I make an effort to be real. It’s truth, not pretense, that sets us free. As we share our stories and embrace each other’s brokenness we find comfort in community.

I’ve learned to be more open about my struggle with depression and anxiety to find that I am not alone and encourage others that they aren’t either.

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fighter pilot Joel and author Elizabeth Meyers

About Me

My husband and I are both Air Force Academy graduates. He is a full-afterburner fighter pilot and I am a homeschool mom and author.  We have eight energetic children that range in age from age 9 to 23 with everything in between.  We move a lot, eat a lot, and make lots of noise and plenty of messes!  (I already know what questions are forming in your mind. To read my responses, click here.)

But it is not the 8 children I have that have left me undone. It’s the one I lost.

My dark and lonely journey through depression and anxiety following the death of my son is what compels me to write. I want to share all I’ve learned and how I’ve grown so that when your world gets rocked, you’ll be equipped and able to stand strong through the storm.

UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph, How to Stop Fighting the Wrong Battles and Start Living Victoriously

You can read more about Timothy’s story here:
Thy Will Be Done: My Story of Surrender

I share more stories and lessons learned in my book, UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph, How to Stop Fighting the Wrong Battles and Start Living Victoriously. You can get your own copy by clicking here.

Halfway point of my first marathon! (I don’t look so energetic in the finish line photo.

I’m a native Texan, a transplanted Alaskan, and always on the move with the military. We’ve done 15 moves in 25+ years and we’re done!  As my husband transitions from Active Duty Air Force, we are settling down in East Texas. Wherever we go, our family loves to be active outside.

I’m a bit of an exercise junkie. I haven’t always been but I discovered it’s one of the best ways to keep myself in a good mood. In basic training, running was used as a punishment and I was never very good at it, so I hated running.

Turns out, running is an excellent deterrent of anxiety and depression for me. I workout primarily for mental health reasons. The body is just a side-effect of my treatment program.

Basically, I’m a mess but wonderfully saved by grace.
Fortunately, Jesus thinks I’m to die for, otherwise, I’d be sunk.


Joel and Elizabeth Meyers and family

Our Family

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Supporting the Military

Being a military family is adventure for sure. Frequent moves, future uncertainties, deployments, a unique culture . . . it’s a lot to take in. But God has been faithful over our nearly 30 years of combined military service.

A military family has challenges, joys, fears, and blessings that are often unknown and unnoticed by those not connected with the military.

Since I do not blog about military life very often, I am pleasantly surprised that my all-time most popular post ever is still this little gem I wrote in my early days of blogging. It wasn’t even really a well-planned post. I just sat at my computer and typed what I was feeling.

I have also guest posted for Planting Roots, a great ministry and online community that supports all women connected with the military whether serving in uniform or as a family member.

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