Achieving Success by Saying “NO” to Your Excuses

No Excuses – Maxwell Ivey

Podcast Interview with Max Ivey

Winning Strategies From the Blind Blogger

Maxwell Ivey known around the world as The Blind Blogger has transformed himself from a failed carnival owner to respected amusement equipment broker to self-help author, motivational speaker, online media publicist, and host of The What’s Your Excuse? Show podcast.

Today, Max shares with us his top three life hacks to ignore your excuses, overcome your limitations, push aside your fears, and live the life of your dreams.

About Maxwell

Born into a family of carnival owners in Texas, USA, Max lost his sight at age 12. Having a natural gusto for life, he graduated college and became heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts. He also worked in the family business for years, until his dad died. Faced with his own mortality, Max made some life-altering changes.

He underwent gastric surgery and lost over 250 pounds. He started his own business, buying and selling amusement rides, and learned how to blog using software for visually-impaired people. Max then began another business: personal coaching. He is also an author on a mission to help others become successful.

Maxwell Ivey What's Your Excuse?



Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  • 0:50 – No excuses!
  • 2:54 – Quick review of how Max when from a carnival family to becoming an entrepreneur
  • 6:02 – Three things you need to do to succeed
  • 6:31 – Max shares about growing up in a carnival family and losing his sight
  • 10:48 – Having a good excuse doesn’t mean you should use it
  • 12:13 – Looking for the positive
  • 15:23 – Achieving your next goal
  • 17:22 – To skydive or not?
  • 18:47 – No refunds in life
  • 21:06 – Learning to say “no”
  • 23:04 – If you don’t ask, they can’t say yes
  • 25:58 – Max invites listeners to share their roadblocks with him
  • 26:44 – Some benefits of podcasting
  • 28:51 – Three things you must not forget
  • 29:46 – Asking for and accepting help blesses others too
  • 31:47 – What are you inspired to do? What excuse will you drop?
  • 32:37 – How to connect with Max Ivey
  • 35:30 – Don’t discount the potential others see in you
Finding the positives in your life is just like finding anything else you've lost. You have to look for it. --Maxwell Ivey

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Note: The time stamps are slightly different from the audio only version.

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