Get unstuck and move from undone to undefeated so you can stand strong with unshakable faith even when your world gets rocked!


From Trial to Triumph

How to Stop Fighting the Wrong Battles and Start Living Victoriously

Interacting with a Big God in a messy world can often leave us scratching our heads in confusion. How can we explain the horror of human suffering in light of an all-powerful and perfectly loving God? Whether it’s tragedies we hear about in the news, struggles our friends and family face, or our own private pain, life this side of Eternity can really beat up our faith and cause us to question and doubt what we believe. A shaky faith fuels our feelings of defeat as we get trampled by life’s trials.

Overcoming defeat and getting on the road to triumph requires that we recognize the nature of the true battle we are in and learn how to claim the victory we were meant to possess. We can live victoriously when we learn how to stop fighting the wrong battles with ineffective strategies. When we know the plans of our enemy, the power of our God, and our own true identity, we can live UNDEFEATED even in the midst of our trials.

“If life has dealt you a hard blow and you’re wondering where God is in the midst of your trials this book will help you get on the trail to triumph.”

Kary Oberbrunner

Kary Oberbrunner


“Within these pages, you will find raw transparency and incredible inspiration. Elizabeth has taken the time to so bravely and honestly share her life and heart here and I can promise you that you will be greatly blessed and encouraged by her words.”

Tai East

Tai East


“Elizabeth Meyers speaks from her personal experience of walking the battlefield following the loss a child. If you are walking the path of loss now, read UNDEFEATED.”

 Susan B. Mead

Susan B. Mead


BOOK TWO ~ Coming 2021!

Your Battle Plan for Victorious Living

Winning in Life by Building a Strong Spirit, Soul, and Body

We often find ourselves defeated because we don’t understand how our spirit, soul, and body are interdependent and all require continual strengthening.

UNDAUNTED will teach you specific, practical steps to take in five key parts of your personhood (spirit, mind, will, heart, and body) to give you the confidence and courage to start building a stronger, more victorious life today and walk in the victory God intends for you.

Now you can build a winning life by having a plan to strengthen your spirit, soul, and body. Learn how to overcome anxiety and defeat depression daily so you can live victoriously even in the midst of fear, uncertainty, and painful experiences.

BOOK THREE ~ Coming 2022!

UNSHAKABLE: Stand Strong Even When
Your World Gets Rocked

Building a Biblical Foundation for an Unshakable Faith in an Unbeatable God

It’s easy to struggle in life because of flimsy ungrounded faith, unclaimed promises, and wishy-washy purposes. Learn how to fortify your faith so you can stand strong even when life gets messy.

UNSHAKABLE will help you learn to live with passion and purpose in spite of your pain through a better understanding of God’s power, plans, promises, and presence in your life. This book will explain the Biblical perspectives on which an unshakable faith is

Knowing God’s purposes in His kingdom, both visible and unseen, will enable you to
weather any storm because you’ll be standing on the solid Rock of Jesus’ victory.

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Every Friday for years, hundreds of people have joined an online writing flash mob called Five Minute Friday – a community of word lovers who throw caution to the wind and just write without worrying if it’s just right.

These are their stories. One shared prompt. Five unedited minutes.

They silence the inner critic and write like we used to run as kids – with abandon and delight, not caring what anyone else thinks. It’s like free therapy.

Everyone is welcome!

Because if you only have five minutes to write, don’t spend them defeated. Spend them writing. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Vine School & Take Action in South Africa.

Susan Shipe compiled 150 blog posts from the Five Minute Friday community for this book. The stories found in these pages span a diverse range of experiences but share a common thread: a love for the bravely written word.

Planned for Future Publication


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Beauty for Ashes ~ Timothy’s Story

How I Rediscovered God When I Lost My Son

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Breathe ~ Benjamin’s Story

How God Brought My Baby Back from the Brink of Death

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