Can Christians Practice Yoga?

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Podcast Episode with Miranda Jo Davis

Have you ever wondered if it’s okay for Christians to practice Yoga? Is it a form of exercise or a false religion? How can a Christian practice yoga and still honor her faith in Jesus?

Our guest on the Resilient Life Hacks podcast today, Miranda Jo Davis, is equipped to answer all these questions and more. She shares with us not only the physical benefits of yoga but also how it can help us overcome adversity and live with greater resilience. She teaches us how Christian meditation is different from the worldly meditation and how it positively affects mental health.

If you are interested in overcoming the obstacles of false teaching in the yoga world to glorifying God in Christian yoga, then this episode is for you!

About Miranda Jo

Miranda Jo Davis is an expert in the health and wellness world with over twenty years’ experience. She owns a thriving Christian yoga and Pilates studio and infuses her teaching with biblical truth. Miranda facilitates global wellness retreats, has an E-RYT 500 credential from Yoga Alliance, and has made several television, radio, and print appearances as a top resource.

In ministry, Miranda is a biblical counselor, using God’s Word to encourage heart change and guide women to live for Christ. She has a heart for marriage and serves alongside her husband, Erich, by mentoring couples in need.

Miranda is the best-selling author of Christian Girl in a Yoga World. As a freelance writer and blogger, she has written devotionals, blogs, and articles for various Christian media outlets such as Proverbs 31 Ministries. Miranda routinely does public speaking and has a love for sharing God’s Word, using personal testimony on a variety of topics to convey the impact Christ has on her life.

Despite Miranda’s passion for investing in others, her family is her top priority. Her husband is her best friend, with whom she lovingly parents two boys, Joah and Levi. Together they find the joy in life by being outdoors, traveling, and dancing to music that moves the soul.

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Christian Girl in a Yoga World by Mirando Jo Davis on Resilient Life Hacks podcast

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