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5 Steps to a Positive Growth Mindset

Produce Peace by Pursuing Positive Thoughts One of the most impactful mindset changes I made in my life to experience

Pitch Perfectionism

Pitch Perfection

How to Overcome Perfectionism I am a recovering perfectionist.  I really really really want to be Supermom.  I am so

Give Up Negative Thinking

How to Reverse Negative Thinking

Capturing Unruly Thoughts I cannot even count the number of times I have been distressed and upset with tears falling


Renew Your Mind by Reading Your Bible

How to Clean Out and Fill Up Your Brain If you knocked over your drink right now, what would spill

When you are disappointed by God

When God Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

Dealing with Disappointment with God We expect a lot from God. And we should because he is . . .


How to Cure Poisoned Thinking

3 Simple Steps to a Positive Mindset The most insidious aspect of poisonous thinking is that we are often unaware

The Best Peace

The Best Peace

Not all peace is good for us. Do you long for peace? What comes to your mind when you consider

3 Things to Do When You’re Afraid ~ 9 Bible Verses to Overcome Anxiety

3 Things to Do When You’re Afraid

Bible Verses to Overcome Fear Fear attacks our thoughts. When we’re scared, our brain turns to goo. It’s hard to

The One Kind of Fear We All Need Right Now

The One Kind of Fear We Need Most Right Now

Fear comes in many flavors, but one is the best. As an anxiety-prone worrywart, I have done my share of

7 Ways God Helps You Overcome Anxiety

7 Ways God Helps You Overcome Anxiety

21 Scripture Verses to Calm Your Fears Fear has a way of messing up our thoughts when it gets its