Strong Spirit

Resiliency Through Resting in God

Podcast Ep. 24 Coni Knepper Step Out in Faith Coni is a missionary with an amazing story of trusting in

How to pray when you don't know what to pray

How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Pray

Four Tips to Boost your Prayers When I struggle to find the words to pray , it comforts me to

More than we can imagine

More Than We Can Imagine

Why God’s Happy Ending is Better Than Yours Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we are unable to picture

Why God will never abandon you

Why God Will Never Abandon You

A Message for Good Friday and Every Day I know the Easter story. I’ve heard the sermons. I’ve watched The

Can My Prayers Move a Sovereign God?

Can My Prayers Move a Sovereign God?

What’s the point of prayer if God is in control? Many years ago, I went through a period where my

7 Ways to Ask God for Help

7 Ways to Ask God for Help

How to Pray When You’re Desperate for Help Are you unsure how to approach God with your requests? What should

How to reconnect with God when your heart is shattered

How to Reconnect with God When Your Heart is Shattered

Leaving the hospital without my son’s body was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I felt like I was abandoning

God's pervasive presence

God’s Pervasive Presence

When we are going through hard times, it’s all too easy to feel abandoned by God. Despite our feelings, we

God's wise counsel

God’s Infallible Wisdom

How often we find ourselves in a troublesome situation where we aren’t sure what to do. The only winning strategy

God's unbeatable power

God’s Unbeatable Power

As one who struggles with anxiety, I know first-hand that my own thoughts easily rage out of control when I