Is it Okay to Question God?

God’s Patience with Questions

Have you ever been told you shouldn’t question God? If so, did that satisfy your curiosity or concern and cause the questions to evaporate? Probably not. Yeah, me neither. You may be surprised to learn that God encourages us to seek Him out and bring all our questions to Him.

4 People from the Bible who questioned God

The Bible recounts numerous examples of God allowing His people to ask Him questions. Sometimes He answers them, and sometimes He does not, but He meets their questions with tenderness and truth. God will not turn anyone away. Consider these faithful believers who questioned God about their experience.

Moses – Why won’t You rescue us? You’re not showing up the way I expected.

God had called Moses to rescue his Israelite relatives from slavery in Egypt. He reluctantly obeyed, fearing Pharaoh would not listen to him. Sure enough, when Moses did what God told him to do, Pharaoh lashed out at the Hebrew slaves, making their work even harder than before. Obviously, things were not working out the way Moses expected.

Then Moses went back to the LORD and protested, “Why have you brought all this trouble on your own people, Lord? Why did you send me? Ever since I came to Pharaoh as your spokesman, he has been even more brutal to your people. And you have done nothing to rescue them!”

Exodus 5:22-23, NLT

Moses didn’t shy away from telling God how bad the situation looked from his perspective. He pointed out the obvious truth that they were worse off than before God intervened. He questioned why God even bothered to send him. And he accused God of being absent and uninvolved in the whole affair. God replied that Moses should give the people a message of a powerful rescue and permanent redemption (Exodus 6:6-8) and then God made it happen in spite of Pharaoh’s harsh cruelty.

Job – Why are You out to get me? I don’t think I deserve this.

As the classic model of a faithful sufferer, Job queried,

“If I have sinned, what have I done to you, you who see everything we do? Why have you made me your target?
Have I become a burden to you?

Job 7:19-20

In other words, Job cried, “Why me, God? What did I do to make you mad at me? I thought I was obeying you to the best of my ability. What gives with the punishment?”

But not all suffering comes as a punishment for poor choices. God has many reasons He allows suffering to touch our lives and sometimes we never unravel His mysterious ways this side of Eternity.

Personally, I struggled with this same line of questioning following the death of my son. I wondered how God could be so mean to me when I was only in that particular situation in the first place because I thought I was doing what God wanted. God asked a double surrender of me that nearly did me in completely but for the grace of God.

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But let’s get back to Job. When the time of Job’s testing was complete, God publicly commended Job for his honesty and rebuked his judgmental “friends” for foolishly trying to gloss over the cold hard truth regarding the unfairness of Job’s misfortune (Job 42:7-8).

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Mary – How can this be? I don’t understand Your plan.

When God interrupted Mary’s quiet simple life, the Scripture says she was “greatly troubled” by the angel Gabriel’s greeting to her (Luke 1:26-38). She wondered what on earth he was talking about. Once he outlined the plan, she still had questions. “How can this be?” she queried.

Her understanding of human biology was not lining up with what Gabe was telling her. His explanation of future events seemed impossible and ridiculous, not to mention pretty scandalous.

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Mary didn’t understand how God was going to pull this off, but she willingly accepted it and joyfully obeyed. Her parting response to Gabriel was, “I’m the Lord’s servant. Let it be to me as you have said.” (Luke 1:38)

God’s work in her life meant that she would be falsely accused of unfaithfulness and deceit. The miracle of God becoming man and dwelling among us began with a scandal. Though Mary was innocent, no one could understand, and she herself could not explain what God was doing in and through her.

And yet, she believed and voluntarily submitted herself to His plan. God became human within the belly of a young woman who simply believed in spite of her questions.

God meets our questions with tenderness and truth. He turns no one away who earnestly seeks Him. #quetionsforGod Click To Tweet

Jesus – Where have You gone? I don’t feel Your presence anymore.

If you are not yet convinced that God is receptive to being questioned, then consider Jesus Himself. In His hour of greatest suffering, He pleaded, “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) Even the Son of God has asked: “Why?”

As you can see, it is Biblical, and even desirable, to inquire of the Lord. God would much prefer we bring our questions out in the open before Him rather than foolishly stuffing them behind our back or flinging them recklessly out to a lost and broken world that is powerless to offer any satisfying answers.

So go ahead. Ask God the question your heart and head are pondering right now. God already knows what you’re thinking anyway. And trust me, you absolutely can not ask a question that catches Him off guard, leaves Him scratching His head, or one He has not heard before. Sorry, but you and I just aren’t that smart!


Do you think it’s wrong to question God? He doesn’t.
When we come with seeking hearts (not in mockery), He allows us to work through our confusion in His presence. What seeking question would you love to ask God right now?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

God's Patience with Seeking Questions
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