Resilience in Motherhood

Meg Glessner

Podcast Ep. 26 with Meg Glesener

Finding Strength in Community

As women, nurturing friendships and building community is vital to our well-being. As mothers, that’s often easier said than done! Putting ourselves out there can be tough, especially when we’ve been hurt before.

Today, Meg Glesener shares with us about the importance of women, and moms in particular, sharing a supportive and vibrant community. When her youngest entered first grade, she signed up for a community and found herself walking out on the first day…until a dear lady followed her out and lovingly welcomed her back in. Let’s do that for one another.

About Meg

Meg Glesener is the host of the award-winning podcast, Letters From Home and a fellow mother of eight. She is a child of God seeking to live her best life and inviting others to join with her and her family along the way.

Ep 26  Meg Glesener: Resilience in Motherhood



Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  • 0:57 – two mothers of eight children
  • 3:48 – how Meg started the Letters From Home podcast
  • 5:46 – Meg’s first day at MOPs
  • 8:04 – a super simple “support group” idea you can start right now
  • 11:00 – ways that God made women beautiful (It has nothing to do with magazine covers.)
  • 12:14 – how moms can help each other
  • 14:12 – There’s always room for more at the table, so scoot over!
  • 18:25 – why it’s unhealthy for your marriage to be your only meaningful relationship
  • 20:33 – funny mom stories
  • 22:19 – different moms, different choices, celebrate each other
  • 26:47 – how to prevent children from whining
  • 28:33 – the importance of sunshine baskets and secret sisters
As sisters in Christ, let us celebrate one another, even when we make different choices.

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