RESILIENCE = The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and trials, toughness, knowing how to succeed in spite of setbacks, obstacles, and limitations.

In other words, personal resilience is crucial to living victoriously.

17 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Sometimes all the issues and details of life seem to pile up and bury me.  I can get so overwhelmed that I lose the ability to handle even the small things.  That means it’s time to stop, take a deep breath, and refocus.  How about you?  Are you feeling worn out, frazzled, and overwhelmed?  Here…


Unwasted: A Beautiful Purpose in Your Pain

When you are struggling and life is confusing, it’s important to remember that God wastes nothing.  Every painful event, every hurtful comment, every time of doubt or fear or worry or stress will be used by Him to create something new and beautiful. This is not to say that God always inflicts pain on his…


5 Ways to Win at Life

What to do when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired We often find ourselves defeated because we don’t understand how our spirit, soul, and body are interdependent and all require continual strengthening. I didn’t know this until I fell into a pit of despair I couldn’t dig my way out of. I’m…


5 Resilient Life Hacks

The Will to Go On When my son died, part of me died with him. For a long time afterward, just surviving one day at a time seemed like a monumental challenge to me. I desperately searched for some way to go back to the way I used to be. The problem was, that woman…


How to Overcome Evil with Good

Trust God God’s goodness triumphs over evil every time. When in doubt, do the next right thing in God’s eyes. The enemy may have schemes for you, but God has plans for you that are far more powerful than any tactic the devil can conceive. Trust God’s plans and power more than you fear the…


Authenticity: The Power of Imperfection

Let’s get real! It’s time to be transparent. Giving your real self (as God created you to be) to the world can be scary because it requires vulnerability and authenticity. These are skills that don’t come naturally to a lot of people (myself included!). Because we have a family of ten who’s always on the…


10 Keys to Overcoming Adversity

We don’t get to choose what adversity we must face in this life. If we could, there are many trials we would choose to avoid. What we can choose is how we respond to our problems. You can choose to be defeated by life’s difficulties, or you can become stronger by overcoming adversity. The choice…


5 Roads to Resilience

Resilience is what helps us bounce back after difficult circumstances and recover from trials and trauma. Learn about the 5 roads to developing greater resilience.

There are 5 Roads to Resilience – 5 areas of our lives we must deliberately strengthen if we want to live our best life possible.

5 Roads to Resilience
The 5 Roads to Resilience
5 Roads to Resilience two-page quick start guide
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