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Undaunted in Darkness

Finding Your Path From Broken to Bold

UNDAUNTED will teach you specific, practical steps to take in five key areas of resilience (spirit, mind, will, heart, and body) to give you the confidence and courage to start building a stronger, more victorious life today and walk in the victory God intends for you.

UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph

How to Stop Fighting the Wrong Battles and Start Living Victoriously

When we know the plans of our enemy, the power of our God, and our own true identity, we can live UNDEFEATED even in the midst of our trials.


How to Pray for Your Spouse and Marriage

Power Tools for Prayer Time
~ Intercession~

The most powerful thing you can do for your marriage is to PRAY! This download gives you a fresh Scripture-based prayer for your spouse and relationship for every day of the month.

How to Pray for Your Children and Parenting

Power Tools for Prayer Time
~ Intercession~

Parenting can be overwhelming, even when you don’t homeschool 8 kids! Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Seek God’s wisdom, grace, and help with this daily prayer guide.


Created for Victory

Overcoming Adversity Without Losing Your Faith

This easy-to-consume but powerful video course and ebook will equip you to overcome adversity and live victoriously.

Battle Plan Boot Camp

Building a Stronger Spirit, Soul, and Body Without Overwhelm

This easy-to-consume but powerful video course, hands-on workbook, and group coaching will equip you to build the resilience necessary to win at life.

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