Strong Heart


Guard your heart well for everything else in life flows from it. Build relationships built on God’s principles. Connect freely. Forgive frequently. Give generously. Request help often. Live in gratitude for every small thing. Be present in the moment you have now. Overcome discouragement and depression to live more fully.

Choosing Joy in Difficult Times

Podcast Episode with Yvette Walker My friend, fellow podcaster, and ministry partner, Yvette Walker, joins us today to tell us that we can walk in joy, even in the difficult times. Here’s a teaser for her testimony: “I’ve always thought I had it all together–that I was in control of my own destiny, that I…


How to Hold on to Hope When You’re Drowning in Depression

Defeat Despair and Discouragement by Holding on to H.O.P.E.S. I am no stranger to depression and I’m no expert either. But I have learned a few things in my own struggle out of the darkness that might help you or someone you love who is hurting. Depression is more common than we realize because many…


Stay in Heaven

An Ordinary Day I sat at my desk, intently focused on the work I was trying to finish.  My 3-year old son climbed into my lap and snuggled against me holding an airplane made of Legos.  I love early morning snuggles with my treasures.  He turned his face toward mine and looked into my eyes. …


20 Reasons We Love Our Big Family

What’s so great about having a big family?   When people first learn that we have eight children, their minds usually go straight to the disadvantages—cost, time, food, laundry, sanity.  Most people don’t comment on all the wonderful things about having a big family because often they don’t know and can’t imagine the blessings. It’s…


Who is Your Real Enemy?

I used to struggle with the more violent prayers in the Psalms, mostly of David calling down various curses upon his enemies. This didn’t sound like the prayer of a man after God’s own heart to me! Break the Teeth of the Wicked? The fancy label for prayers invoking God’s judgment andwrath upon his enemies…


How to Resist Evil and Love People at the Same Time

We have an enemy. People entrapped in the devil’s deceptions are like POWs (prisoners of war) captured by the enemy. We fight, not against them but for them, because we have all fallen prey to those pretty lies at one time or another. God calls us to resist the devil—not each other. The people in…


5 Ways to Start Loving Yourself Better Today

Sometimes, self-care feels selfish, especially if we’re used to neglecting ourselves. But taking care of ourselves is not selfish. It’s being a good steward of the body, brain, and time God has entrusted to us. Self-care is non-negotiable. If you want to serve God fully. Just as we must love ourselves emotionally to be able…


What Are You Worth?

How do you calculate your value? Is it how much money you have in the bank or how many pounds you’ve lost on the scale? Is your worth based on your degrees, awards, and achievements? Or maybe it’s how much you’ve served others in need? Can we measure your value by how much you’ve sacrificed…


What Does it Mean to Be Redeemed?

There is rich meaning in the word “redeemed”. Redeemed. We hear that word a lot, but what does it really mean? There was a man I read about once who was a loving husband and father. Being very good to his wife, he provided for all her needs and cared for her tenderly. But she…


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