Strong Mind


Exercise a strong mind. Don’t be held captive by your own thoughts. Break free from destructive negative thinking and take control of what you think about yourself, your situation, your people, and your God. Knowing who you are in Christ, a Beloved Warrior, fuels your courage to do what feels impossible. Knowing who you are without Christ (a hopeless mess) keeps you humble while God does the impossible through you. Overcome anxiety and rest in peace that only comes from knowing God.

The Other Side of Perfect

The Mind-Body Connection to Healing Chronic Illness with Debbie Emmick The Other Side of Perfect is a brutally honest and revealing peek into the life of a woman whose multiple diagnoses and bleak prognosis would be the surprising source of her ultimate liberation. After trying everything she knew to recover from the physical damage of…


Using EMDR to Overcome Trauma

Podcast Ep. 22 with Carrie Ryberg, MA, LCPC, NCC Get Unstuck From Emotional Trauma I have a special treat for you today! I have invited my very own counselor, Carrie Ryberg, to come on the show today and explain a type of emotional therapy called Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR for short. That’s a…


5 Steps to a Positive Growth Mindset

Produce Peace by Pursuing Positive Thoughts One of the most impactful mindset changes I made in my life to experience freedom from depression and anxiety was getting my thought life under control. If my mind is a garden, it was infiltrated and taken over by hostile weeds. Learning how to prune my thoughts and burn…


Pitch Perfection

How to Overcome Perfectionism I am a recovering perfectionist.  I really really really want to be Supermom.  I am so bummed and utterly devastated every time I realize I’m not. To me, it feels like striving for perfection is positive quality to possess.  Aiming for excellence is a good thing.  However, I have learned that…


How to Reverse Negative Thinking

Capturing Unruly Thoughts I cannot even count the number of times I have been distressed and upset with tears falling and heart pounding only to remember that the situation I’m reacting to is all in my head.  I made it up.  It didn’t even happen.  I had some small random thought; maybe it started as…


Renew Your Mind by Reading Your Bible

How to Clean Out and Fill Up Your Brain If you knocked over your drink right now, what would spill out? Coffee? Water? Soda? Chocolate milk? I have no idea what your beverage of choice is today, but I can tell you exactly what will spill out of your glass, mug, can, or bottle. What…


When God Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

Dealing with Disappointment with God We expect a lot from God. And we should because he is . . . well, God. He all-powerful, purely good, and infinitely loving. It is right to expect great things from God. But, let’s be honest, sometimes God just doesn’t come through the way or at the time we…


How to Cure Poisoned Thinking

3 Simple Steps to a Positive Mindset The most insidious aspect of poisonous thinking is that we are often unaware that the thoughts we are consuming have been tainted with lies. But whether we know it or not, acknowledge it or not, negative thinking will continue to poison our mind until we dig down to…


The Best Peace

Not all peace is good for us. Do you long for peace? What comes to your mind when you consider peace? When we use the word “peace”, we can mean many different things – lack of external conflict, a calm demeanor, no more war, unity, agreement, a settled spirit, tranquility, freedom from disruption, a friendly…


3 Things to Do When You’re Afraid

Bible Verses to Overcome Fear Fear attacks our thoughts. When we’re scared, our brain turns to goo. It’s hard to remember what we’re supposed to do. Trying to remember key truths when I’m panicking is nearly impossible, so I made up 3 simple steps to follow to beat anxiety when it shows up uninvited. 1….


The One Kind of Fear We Need Most Right Now

Fear comes in many flavors, but one is the best. As an anxiety-prone worrywart, I have done my share of battles with fear. I have wrestled with worry, been paralyzed by anxiety, haunted by what-ifs, drowned in a suffocating ocean of fears. and then gotten back up only to have my legs swept out from…


7 Ways God Helps You Overcome Anxiety

21 Scripture Verses to Calm Your Fears Fear has a way of messing up our thoughts when it gets its tentacles wrapped around our brains. The best way to combat that is to have Scriptures at the ready. Memorizing them is best, but until you get to that point, print them out, write them down,…


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