Maintaining a solid relationship with Jesus drives the power of a fruitful life. The powerhouse of a fruitful life arises from a close connection with God.

How to Reconnect with God When Your Heart is Shattered

Leaving the hospital without my son’s body was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I felt like I was abandoning him. Even worse, I felt abandoned by God. I was empty inside in every way.  My Darkest Day Once outside the building, my husband and I walked in silence to the garden where they told…


God’s Pervasive Presence

When we are going through hard times, it’s all too easy to feel abandoned by God. Despite our feelings, we can rejoice in the hope that through the flood and inferno, our God will never leave us. (Isaiah 43:2) God’s presence with us is constant. Jesus allowed himself to be forsaken so that we never…


God’s Infallible Wisdom

How often we find ourselves in a troublesome situation where we aren’t sure what to do. The only winning strategy is to humble ourselves and trust God’s wisdom which is far greater than ours. His knowledge is flawless, unfathomable, and infallible. Our God is unbeatable (omnipotent) and always with us (omnipresent), but that’s not all!…


God’s Unbeatable Power

As one who struggles with anxiety, I know first-hand that my own thoughts easily rage out of control when I forget that God is ultimately in control of every crazy situation. God’s power is unbeatable and nothing that threatens to undo me can overcome the One who lives in me. For in him all things…


5 Tips to Hearing from God

Learn to listen to God and recognize His voice. It’s easy to rush into our meeting with God with our own agenda in hand, but beautiful blessings await us when we take the time to listen to what He longs to tell us. Not sure how that works? Here are five tips to hearing from…



What does it mean that God has redeemed us? Redeemed. We hear that word a lot, but what does it really mean? There was a man I read about once who was a loving husband and father. Being very good to his wife, he provided for all her needs and cared for her tenderly. But…


Faith Beyond Sight

Faith in an Unseen God Do you ever struggle to believe what you haven’t seen for yourself? God asks us to trust Him completely, but how can we have faith in a God we cannot see? Isn’t that foolish? Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance…


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