God’s character

When you are disappointed by God

When God Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

Dealing with Disappointment with God We expect a lot from God. And we should because he is . . .

God's pervasive presence

God’s Pervasive Presence

When we are going through hard times, it’s all too easy to feel abandoned by God. Despite our feelings, we

God's wise counsel

God’s Infallible Wisdom

How often we find ourselves in a troublesome situation where we aren’t sure what to do. The only winning strategy

God's unbeatable power

God’s Unbeatable Power

As one who struggles with anxiety, I know first-hand that my own thoughts easily rage out of control when I

God's Patience with Questions

Is it Okay to Question God?

Have you ever been told you shouldn’t question God? If so, did that satisfy your curiosity or concern and cause