When You Have to Surrender to Win

Surrender to Win at Life

Surrender is not Defeat

It is a little known truth that in order to win at life, you first have to surrender. Surrender is usually associated with defeat, not victory, but it’s who you choose to surrender to that makes all the difference. 

If we want to strengthen our own will, we must first learn to submit our will to God’s. We may think we know best, but we don’t (Proverbs 14:12). God is infinitely wiser and purer than we are. If we want to win at what matters, we need to get the game plan from him. Being your own head coach is not smart to win at life. Read on to learn how to surrender to win with these 3 important steps.

Submit Your Desires

Trading your desires for better ones

God longs to fulfill our deepest desires, but often what we think we need and what actually satisfies us are two entirely different things. When we submit our desires to God, we give him the opportunity to reshape them and mold them to fit his will. His desires for us are both for our highest good and for his ultimate glory. (Psalm 37:4)

When I pray, I often share openly with God all my deepest longings and dreams. After I pour out what’s in my heart, I finish with, “I want what you want more than I want what I want.” That’s my way of saying “Not my will, but yours.”

Father God, I want what you want more than I want what I want. Your ways are good and your plans are perfect. I trust in you. #faith #willpower Click To Tweet

Even Jesus submitted his desires to his Heavenly Father in his most desperate hour. How can we demand our own will when we see how passionately Jesus gave up his own will for us?

“Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Luke 22:42, NLT
Surrender to win at life
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Thy will be done

My entire online ministry through writing was born from a time years ago when I prayed, “Thy will be done, Father.” I had no idea that day how much that simple prayer would cost me or the fruit that would come after the sacrifice.

Looking back, I can see God’s beautiful purpose in my pain. He took what was meant for evil and turned it for good in the way that only he can. His ability to redeem what is broken goes far beyond our ability to ask or imagine.

So never be afraid to submit your desires to God and say “yes” to what he desires for you. You will never know the deepest riches God longs to lavish on you if you insist on clinging to your own petty desires. What he has in store for you is so much more than what you think will satisfy you.

Surrender Your Power

The truth is, we have very little power to control things that happen in our life. We just like to think we’re in control. Even so, we cling to our desire to control our own destiny and fight God as though we are strong enough to thwart his plan for us.

We try to muscle our way through our problems instead of just resting in God’s sufficiency and trusting his wisdom. But it is not by our might, power, will, or effort that we will experience victory. It is by God’s Spirit alone that we will prevail (Zechariah 4:6, Romans 9:16).

So give up on the illusion that you can control your own destiny and lean into God instead. Listening to his still, small voice whispering to you what your next best step is (Isaiah 30:21)

It is not by strength that one prevails; those who oppose the LORD will be broken.

1 Samuel 2:9a-10b, NIV

Worship God Alone

Worship as a weapon against evil

Scripture mentions several defensive and offensive means to cut down the enemy’s assault in our hearts and mind (Ephesians 6:10-18) The Bible and prayer are two weapons at our disposal listed in Ephesians 6:17-18. But there is also a third – worship (Ephesians 5:18b-19).

Worship is our weapon against despair, anxiety, lies, selfishness, negativity, cold-heartedness, and more. Worship helps me to be more aware of God’s presence with me in the midst of my daily life.

When I am feeling depressed or anxious, worship is pretty much one of the last things I feel like doing. But when I make myself worship anyway, it is one the most effective means of overcoming a spirit of despair. Worship soothes my fears with peace and quiets my heart with inexhaustible grace. Once I overcome the inertia and get started, I don’t want to stop worshipping!

When we worship our God, our enemies of fear, doubt, and discouragement flee.  Praise is like taking a sword to all the negative thoughts that harass and pull at us and telling them to get lost because our God is great and He fights for us.

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him–my father’s God, and I will exalt him!

Exodus 15:2, NLT

Worship as a way of life

Worship is not something that only takes place on Sunday mornings at church. It should be a regular part of our day. Worship often involves music. They go well together. In fact, I believe that is the primary purpose for which God created music. However, you can worship through spoken word or silent prayer as well.

I used to wonder why God is always telling us to praise Him throughout Scripture. Truthfully, it sounded a little egotistical to me. But then I realized our worship is not for His benefit, but ours. He knows the truth, but we need to be reminded. God does not need us to stroke His ego, but we definitely need to focus on His goodness and greatness rather than our problems and fears. When we worship, we remind ourselves of the awesomeness of the One who lives inside of us, is on our side and who fights for us.

Praise is like taking a sword to all the negative thoughts that harass and pull at us and telling them to get lost because our God is great and He fights for us. #worship #worshiptowin Click To Tweet

Worship whether you feel like it or not. God is worthy of your worship no matter what is going on in your life right now. Lift your voice in praise to God and watch your spiritual enemies scatter.

Here is a powerful worship song to get you started right now. “So Will I” by Hillsong Worship is one of my favs!

If you want to know more about the blessings and practicalities of surrendering to God in order to experience victory, be sure to read Chapter 8 in my book, UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph. It’s called The Sweet Surrender: Know When to Give In, Depending on Your Unchanging God and I know it will bless you.

The battle is first won through worship before it is accomplished by action. Worship God alone and watch your enemies flee. #worship #victoryinjesus Click To Tweet
When you must surrender to win
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Surrender to God in worship

Just to recap, the three ways to surrender to win are:

  • Submit your desires
  • Surrender your power
  • Worship God alone

Do any of those surprise you?
Which one will you try today?

Share your favorite worship ideas in the comments below!

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