You Can Do Hard Things!

Sloane Kini You Can Do Hard Things

Podcast Ep. 23 with Sloane Kini

Step Up to the Challenge

I have a real treat for you today. Bestselling author and expert coach, Sloane Kini shares her life hacks for how to do hard things. From abuse survivor and teenage mom to a highly sought after author, speaker, and business coach, Sloane knows to not only do hard things, but thrive because of them. You will be so blessed by her story and her inspiring enthusiasm.

About Sloane Kini

Believer, mom to 3 humans + 1 Shi-pooh, multi-passionate entrepreneur, coach, author, speaker & founder of the Called to Collective Tribe. My mission is to help women turn their pain into purpose to courageously pursue the calling on their lives.

You Can Do Hard Things with Sloane Kini



Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • 2:35 – Sloane discusses her book and what prompted her to write it.
  • 5:03 – Sloane shares her experience as a teen mom.
  • 9:28 – Sloane reflects on God’s call on her life.
  • 10:29 – Sloane talks about mentors who helped her learn resilience at a young age.
  • 14:19 – We discuss the necessity to speak your truth authentically and the power of your story to help others.
  • 17:08 – The power of showing up.
  • 22:13 – We discuss the necessity of forging unity in the midst of crisis.
  • 23:34 – The importance of getting along with one another in spite of our differences.
Resiliency started with the art of resourcefulness

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Note: The time stamps are slightly different from the audio only version.

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